Presenting at Front End Design Conference

02 Aug 2013

Front End Conferences website

So if you’re a Front End Developer you might of heard of this conference that I found about this year – and attending. The Front End Design Conference will be on its fifth year this year and every single year before has looked amazing. I as lucky enough to find it this year in time to register. One of my favorite things is that it’s so cheap! $149 has never bought so much for a Front End Dev.

This will be my first year attending and I’ll also be presenting! My topic will be on Thumper, of course. I’ll cover:

  • What is Thumper?
  • Who should use Thumper?
  • Why should you use Thumper?

I’m not sure about you, but I’m super stoked to give a talk and I can’t wait to get up on stage. From what I can gather I’m the youngest one attending (I’m 19, by the way.) So this is going to be a blast!

I hope to see you there! :D

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