Robert DeLuca

Since his first contact with computers, Robert has been a genius. For the past several years he has been building websites for both fun and profit that take the latest front end technologies to their limits, doing wildly improbable things like recreating the Mac OS X desktop in the browser. He eats CSS3/HTML5/JavaScript/ and jQuery for breakfast -- even if there's no milk. His latest passion is ensuring that the sites we build are as Responsive as possible, and he won't have it any other way -- the first thing that comes out of his mouth for a new client is "I can't wait to see it on mobile!"

In his spare time he's usually found on a basketball court, the couch, involved in the innards of a website, or under his Mustang trying to coax every last pony out for fun.

Personal Timeline


  • Dropkick.js

    I've taken ownership of Dropkick.js and plan on making it one of the best jQuery plugins!>

    July 8th 2013
  • Spoke at Front End Design Conference

    I spoke on Thumper! A simple light responsive grid I built.

    June 22nd 2013
  • Started at Izea

    June 10th 2013
  • Left ThreeTwelve Creative

    May 9th 2013
  • Launched SRMA

    Another proud Thumper site I've built. Fully responsive! Check it out!

    April 26th 2013
  • Launched ASPG

    First site launched on Thumper. Fully responsive enterprise site! Check it out!

    April 3rd 2013
  • Digital Lee Judge

    Announced that I'm a judge for Lee Countys Digital competiton. Check it!

    September 2012
  • Built Thumper

    My own responsive grid built with LESS. Check it out!

    January 20th 2013


  • Built/Lunched COCAD Haiti

    First live client responsive site. Check it out!

    December 20th 2012
  • Built First Responsive Site

    September 2012
  • Built/Launched Vote Stevenson 2012

    Site has been since taken down. But you can see it on ThreeTwelves Clients page! Check it out!

    September 2012
  • Helped Build Mission Of Hope Haiti

    The first project I worked on with ThreeTwelve Creative. MOH is a fully custom Rails CMS. Go look! :D

    August 2012
  • Started Work At ThreeTwelve Creative

    I'd like to thank Natalie and David for taking me in and teaching me the ropes out of High School.

    July 17th 2012
  • Won DigitalLee Best Of Show

    At the end of my senior year in high school I entered a county wide contest and my website won best of show.

    June 2012
  • Interned At ThreeTwelve Creative

    I did more brain leaching than any human has ever done in their life.

    January 2012


  • Built First Hand Coded Website

    Thank you to Google and NetTuts+ for the resources to do it!

    April 2010
  • Enrolled in Digital Design

    My sophomore year I enrolled in Digital Design. This was the best decision I've made.

    August 2009
  • Started

    At this time I was very interested in Apple news and rumors. I created a site to blog about it and in the 2 months I ran it (summer, no school) AR was getting over 20k views a month and ranked #2 for "Apple News."

    Mid/Late 2009
  • YouTube Videos

    What really got me into technology was the Mac Vs PC debate on YouTube. I was involved in many debates, and this allowed me to have a pretty good understanding of computers.

    Early 2007
  • Introduced to Computers

    Like a natural I took control of the family HP Desktop.

    Sometime in 2003
  • Born

    Kicking and screaming I was brought into this world to do something noticeable.

    March 1994